Waterpret honden uitlaten


However much you love your dog, there are always moments when you simply do not have the time to walk them properly. We would love to help.

We offer dog walking services, day care, and also longer term care if you are going away for a number of days. We can even pick up your dog if you are unable to bring them to us. (Pick up and return service.)

Our walks are much more than just a walk around the block. We always take the dogs to a woody environment where they can run, romp and sniff. We do one walk a day. The duration is always 1.5 hours, long enough to make them tired and satisfied. We mainly walk on Hemmeland (near Monnickendam) and the Amsterdamse Bos. Wednesdays we go to the beach or some other beautiful wooded area.

The groups are small, maximum 6 dogs, so we can easily keep in touch with the dogs and we can walk at several places: forest, beach or nature reserve.


The dogs are transported safely, with anti slip mats in a van, so the chance of the dogs becoming nauseous (car sickness) will be reduced to a minimum. In the summer, the electrical ventilation system will, if necessary, manage the temperature.

Our work area is Amsterdam Haarlemmerbuurt and North Jordaan. In advance, we will contact you to get acquainted with you and your dog(s).

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Day/nightcare is also possible, (for dogs that are already part of the pack), he or she comes along with the other dogs. We can even pick up your dog if you are unable to bring them to us. One or more days away? No problem, we always have a place for a guest.

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