Who am i?

After a training at the film academy and years in the cinema / hospitality industry, I thought it was time for change and I started a dog walking service. Working with dogs, long walks and the outdoors are exactly what i need in my life.

I take care of your dog when you do not have the time, i can help with dog walking or day care in a safe environment. I work together with you to give your pets the best care they deserve and keep them stress free, happy and healthy.

Olivier BuismanOlivier Buisman has had dogs for years. With these dogs (Border Collies) he has practiced:
Behavioral training, integrating dogs into groups, sheep herding, agility, pack behavior and leadership.
He has worked for the Border Collie Rescue group in the Netherlands.
It was obvious that working with dogs would be his dream job.

What i stand for

  • Professional guidance
  • Social packs with playful dogs
  • Flexibility and daily update to the owners
  • Clear packs in which each dog receives individual attention.

What i have to offer

Our starting point is to provide service that we would also like to receive!
This means; Daily feedback to the owners, flexibility and social packs.
The groups are built up selectively with social dogs.
They can swim, play, romp and enjoy dog treats.