Relaxed, responsible and safe

Tevreden hondWe offer dog walk services from Monday to Friday. Weekend walks are also possible. The dogs can join the walks for one up to five days per week. We walk twice a day with small groups of dogs, so that we can pay as much attention to the dogs as possible. Your dog is welcome from the age of four months, provided he/she has had all the vaccinations. (For puppies, we have a dog carrier, so pups can start from 4 months!) We only take dogs that we find responsible for allowing them freely in the group. This depends on the behavior of the dog. Unneutered males may only enter the group if their behavior is correct.

Your dog needs to:

  • To know basic commands such as come and sit
  • To be social
  • Have been included in your WA (Liability insurance)
  • To be treated against fleas and ticks
  • Have been dewormed
  • To have received the annual cocktail against canine sickness, HCC (hepatitis, liver inflammation), Parvo and Weil disease (leptospirosis)
  • To have a vaccination certificate.

When the dog is in season or has a contagious disease, your dog may not participate in the group walk. In that case we can walk your dog individually.

If you are not at home when we pick up or return your dog, we must have a key to enter your house. For this we have a so called key contract, so that both parties are informed correctly.

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For questions or to register your dog(s): see details on the contact page. Call or email us.