Dogs day/nightcare service

The dogs day/nightcare is at our home. You can bring your dog to us for one or more days and/or nights.

We can also take care of your dog during your holiday. You get a daily message or picture. So not only is your dog at ease but you wil be to!

How it works

We pick the dog up in the morning. During the day your dog will be walked at least twice. There is ample opportunity to play with other dogs. When the dog stays overnight we ask you to bring dog food and a basket or something with the dog’s own smell. Because dogs need to get used to food it is not recommended to change food frequently.

The dogs sleep in the living room, not in a separate place in a dog cage. When you give us their own cushions they can sleep on this, if not we have enough nice dog cushions.

Extending our Service

We are working on a fenced area which is arranged as dog daycare; With plenty of space to run, dig and delve. A terrain ideal for all dogs, here they can play quietly without running away.

Because of the safe enclosed environment, the dogs can be themselves. The dogs do not have to pay attention to us all the time and can play to their heart’s lust. Once we have realized this we can expand our service.

To be continued…