Professional dog walking service Amsterdam Haarlemmerbuurt and North Jordaan

We pick up dogs for the dog walking service. Our work area is Amsterdam Haarlemmerbuurt and North Jordaan. To keep the travel time for dogs as limited as possible, our client area is limited. Are you looking for an expert and flexible dog walk service that keeps you informed of your dog’s adventures? Please contact us quickly!

The Adventures of your dog are, if agreed, to follow on YouTube or Instagram.

Also check out our Facebook page for a good impression of our dog walking service.

If your dog wants to join the walking service, we will first make an appointment for an acquaintance – free of charge and without obligation – and, if you are interested, we will provide you with a service agreement.

First Walk

On the first walk your dog stays on the long line.
This way we and your dog get used to each other. The dog also gets familiar with the pack.

As soon as your dog is at ease, and responds to commands, he may walk along unleashed.
Because dogs in a pack control each other, they will quickly feel included in the group.

What can you expect from the dog walking service?

  • We will personally come by to meet you and your dog, so we can talk about personal wishes and habits
  • When your dog joins the pack we will sign an agreement of service with you
  • We will take the dog on a test walk to see if he/she fits in the group and most importantly to see if the dog is having fun
  • We plan the walks at least a week in advance, but often it is possible to make an appointment for a walk one day before. However: full is full
  • We pick up the dog with appropriate transport. It is possible to pick up the dog at home or at work if it falls in our work area
  • The dogs are accompanied by professionals, in possession of certificate First Aid, certificate Professional competence Decision holders of animals-dogs and cats, we are a recognized training company by the SBB
  • Each dog receives a badge with our logo and phone number printed on it. In the unlikely event of something, the dog will bear our contact details
  • We walk the dogs for at least 1.5 hours in small groups
  • The dog is brought back home after about 2.5 hours, gets some food and/or drink if thats wat we agreed.