New pet?

Are you considering buying a new pet? Think about adoption from an asylum! A lot of sweet animals end up here because the former owners can no longer take care of their pet due to divorce, death or financial problems. Or a dog or cat is found on the street and the owner cannot be traced. Unfortunately, many animals still do not have CHIP! Or the CHIP registration data is not up to date. If an animal is not collected after 2 weeks, it may be eligible for relocation.

Veterinarian at home



You can have your pet chipped, a transponder with a unique registration number is placed under the skin. If your animal goes missing and he is taken to a vet, animal ambulance or shelter, you can be tracked through the unique registration number and quickly bring you and your pet back together!

Check if your pet’s chip is properly registered

Lost your pet?

Animal accident and health insurance

Zie Petplan & Reaal Dier en zorg

Vaccination schedule dog

At 6 weeks of age PuppyDP (Distemper (= Dog disease) and Parvo
At 9 weeks Lepto / Parvo-C / Kennel Cough nasal drop
At 12 weeks Cocktail
At 12-15 months Cocktail / Kennel Cough nose drop

Then the “small cocktail” for 2 years and then the “big cocktail”.

Special vaccinations

Abroad: if your pet goes abroad, a rabies vaccination, animal passport and a CHIP are required. The vaccination must be given at least 21 days before departure and is valid for 3 years. For some countries additional measures still apply, inform in time what is needed. See also

If you are going to southern Europe, it is wise to use a scalibor drawing tape (at least 2 weeks before departure) and stronghold or Advantix spot on. This is because of the risk of infection with heartworm and leishmania, which is transmitted by sand flies.

Deworming on the day of departure with Milbemax tablets and 1 month after returning home. This to kill any heartworm larvae in the blood and to protect against the fox tapeworm. With a stay longer than 1 month, the animal must be dewormed monthly.

Check with your vet for appropriate advice on the best combination of resources for your pet and destination.